Potato Growpots

Home Grown Potatoes (The Best Method)

In addition to our famous Tomato GrowPots, the Potato Growpot is an innovative planter designed to enable the layering up of potatoes in a unique and easy to manage way.

Made from 3 ‘collars’ and one ‘base plate’, the collars are placed on top of each other to extend the planter upwards as the potato plant grows – mimicking the layering process.

Holds approx 60 litres of compost.

Getting Started

Follow these guidelines for planting your potatoes in our Grow Pots.

  1. First earlies: around late March
  2. Second earlies: early to mid-April
  3. Maincrops: mid- to late April.

Sprouting (or Chitting) Potatoes

  1. Place seed potatoes in a bright (but relatively cool spot).
  2. Sit them in an egg box, to keep them upright.
  3. Wait for dark green or pinkish stubby green shoots to appear.

Once the shoots appear, they are ready to be planted in your Potato Grow Pot.

We advise planting three seed potatoes in a triangular formation.

Setting Up Potato Growpots for first use

Easy to assemble and get going, the first stage is to plant three seed potatoes 10cm apart, into the first ‘collar’ with the ‘base plate’ unit attached to the bottom.

Cover the potatoes with 10cm (4″) of compost and water them thoroughly, then place the Potato Pot in a warm and bright location.

Next Stage of Potato Growing Process

As the shoots appear and grow approximately 5-10cm add a further 10cm of compost to cover the shoots.

As you approach the top of the first collar, lock into place the second collar and repeat the process.

Watering Potato Plants

A watering ring at the top of each collar enables water to get to the lower areas of the planter as the higher level collars are attached, ensuring a bumper yield of potatoes.

TIP: Continue to water regularly, preferably daily and feed with a liquid feed, if you choose.

Managing the Potato Planter

This system provides the potatoes with the maximum light during the early stages of growth, as well as providing an easy method of harvesting as each section can be removed one at a time.

How many potatoes per plant can I expect?

You have a wide choice of potato types, including russet, red and yellow varieties. Potatoes also come in early, late and mid-season varieties that vary in length of time to harvest. Potato yield varies by variety and growing conditions.

On average, you can expect about five to 10 potatoes per plant.

When to Harvest Potatoes

Choosing when to harvest will depend on the type of potato you have planted. As a guide, consider these time scales:

  • Early Season potatoes take 60–70 days
  • Mid SeasonPotatoes take 80 days
  • Late Season Potatoes take 90 days +

When should I lift my potatoes?

Your early season potatoes should be ready to lift in June and July, mid-season potatoes between July and August and late season between August and October.

With the early season, wait until the flowers open or the buds drop. The tubers are ready to harvest when they are the size of hens’ eggs.

You can buy our Platform Potato Planter (or Potato Growpots) for £14.49 including VAT from Garden Universal right here.