Instructions for Tomato Growpots

Home Grown Tomatoes (The Best Method)

For your information prior to purchase, or if you no longer have access to the instructions on the label, here are the Tomato Growpot Instructions to help you make the maximise tomato crops this year.

Choose a Good Quality Grow Bag

For optimum results, use a good quality grow bag, suitable for home grown produce.

Getting started with tomatoes in growpotsLoosen any compacted compost by shaking the bag, to allow even distribution and lay the bag flat ready for the Tomato Grow Pots to be positioned.

Setting Up Tomato Growpots for first use

Place the Original Grow Pots as shown in the image below, on top of the grow bag.

Twist, whilst applying light pressure to pierce the bag with the teeth and remove the surplus plastic circle waste.

Fill the Tomato Growpots

Fill the inner pot with compost (to the appropriate level)

Prepare the Soil for the Tomato Plant

Hollow out the compost and place the plant within the hollow.

TIP: If required you can tuck support strings under the root ball, or use canes beside the plants to stabilise the plant as it grows bigger.

Water the Freshly Planted Tomato Plant

Water the tomato plants via the inner watering area (inner section of the growpot) using approx (1/2 litre), as shown below.

Water the Outer Section

Fill the outer trough with water to the top (2 litres approx) and leave to slowly saturate.

Mixing Varieties of Plant in Growpots

As shown in the image below, there is nothing stopping you mixing up the plants you use. Try different varieties of Tomatoes or put other plants, like the chilly plant shown or maybe some herbs.

4 weeks into growing tomatoes

Watering New Plants (First 2 Weeks)

Do NOT Overwater the plants and use the inner section ONLY, not the outer trough at this stage. The reason being, limiting water to the inner trough will encourage a strong and healthy root system.

Watering Established Tomato Plants

Pour 1 litre of water into the outer trough every 2 – 3 days (preferably in the morning) to avoid watering during full sunlight.

Monitor the soil and make SURE to avoid allowing the compost in the inner pot dry out.

Do not worry about putting more water in as any excess water will escape through the drain holes.

When to Harvest Tomato Plants

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, when the Tomatoes look red and ripe. Once that happens, it is time to pick and enjoy.

Tomato Growing Tips

Normally with mature plants, on hot sunny days, you should be filling up each trough every day.
A simple check is to squeeze the grow bag near the drain holes and if no water appears, fill up each trough.

Feeding your Tomato Plants

Follow the instructions supplied with your liquid feed to the inner pot. A litre is normally sufficient for a week. If any surface roots appear in the inner pot, cover them lightly with compost.

End of Growing Season

Sometimes, the summer ends abruptly and the amount of sunlight reduces. If you end up with several green tomatoes on the plants which don’t appear to ripen, you have a couple of options.

* Move the plants into a greenhouse if possible to improve ripening process
* Set green tomatoes on the windowsill and give them a few days to change colour
* Pick the green tomatoes and set aside for a nice Green Tomato Chutney

Remove the tomato plants and the compost. Wash and dry your grow pots and store ready for the next season.

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