Potato Planter Progress in May

Season Earlies May 2018

We planted our ‘First Earlies’ in March and the four seed potatoes are doing well and growing rapidly. As you know, the weather has been a bit hit and miss, but with the start of May delivering a glorious bank holiday, reported to be the hottest on record according to the BBC, plant growth has increased.

Obviously, as the temperature rises, the plants require regular watering to keep them well hydrated. This is where the multi-tiered potato planter is great, with easy access watering channels for each tier of the planter.

You can view our full guide for setting up the potato planter here. Quite simply, allow the plant to grow and once it has come through, cover again with more soil to promote further growth.

During my test, I found one plant to be stronger than the other three and it appeared through the soil well before the others. I covered the plant too early, not allowing enough time for the others to catch up. It is worth waiting for all plants to show through the soil, before covering with additional soil and adding extra tiers as you go.

One of the seed potatoes was a little too far towards the edge and it started growing on the outside of the second tier, but it was easy enough to dig down and adjust the position so it grew into the main body of the potato planter.

As of the 9th May, I have added the third tier to cover the now rapidly growing plants.

The idea is to allow the plants to show and continue to build the planter up, until you can do so no more. Eventually, the potato plant will grow up above the third tier and when you notice the bottom leaves (closest to the soil) turning a yellowy colour, this is an indication your harvest may be ready.

Remember, this is part of the early season potato crop, known as ‘first earlies’. Whilst this crop is growing, you can be setting up a second and third potato planter with your second earlies and main crops.

Buy Three Sets of Potato Growpots

In order to ensure a continual crop throughout the growing season, you can have a potato planter for each of the seed potato types.

  1. First Earlies planted around late March
  2. Second Earlies planted early to mid-April
  3. Main Crops planted mid- to late April

*These are rough guidelines. A few weeks here and there, won’t make too much difference to your crop.

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