Christmas Preparations and Ideas

OK, it’s October and no one likes the Christmas festivities to start too early, however, this time of year, we are all starting to think about it. The farm shops are getting their Christmas displays ready and it won’t be long before the high streets will be putting up their lights and festive displays.

Practical Storage Solutions at Christmas time

At Garden Universal, we are thinking about the practical side of Christmas and how we can help you organise and create better ways to store Christmas decorations, lights, trees and dispose of the inevitable excess cardboard and wrapping paper waste after the big day.

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Check our Christmas Packing Bags

Preparing for Winter

When it gets to the tail end of the year, it tends to be wet and muddy outside and for those with limited space in the sheds or garages, any items kept outside need to be covered. It’s not too late. Remember, we stock a wide range of protective covers, suitable for everything you need, from garden furniture to bikes, motorbikes, heaters etc. Whatever you keep outside, we have a cover for it…

Protective Covers Range

Christmas Gift Ideas

It isn’t growing season for tomatoes, but if you are stuck for ideas, don’t forget that our Tomato Planters make a great gift for someone. They won’t have to wait long as growing season starts in February so they have plenty of time to plan, ready for a steady stream of fresh produce next summer.

Christmas Gift Ideas

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