British Summer Time has arrived

British Summertime is here .... as is the rain :-(

British Summer Time is upon us! The clocks moved forward on the 26th March and we earned a glorious extra hour of daylight. It’s the first indication summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about getting our garden in order

British Summer Time since 1916

We have been enjoying British Summer Time for over 100 years now, it was first established in 1916 after a campaign by a builder named William Willett. His proposal was made to allow people to benefit from longer daylight recreation times in the summer months, as well as saving £2.5 million in lighting costs.

The British Summer Time Act was finally passed in Britain on 17 May 1916. Unfortunately, William Willett died of influenza in 1915, the year before daylight saving became law.

So, here we are 100+ years later, those long winter evenings behind us, for now, and the lighter evenings a pleasure for all, especially when the sun is shining!

Summer is just around the corner

The daffodils in our gardens are blooming, displaying beautiful sunshine colours and tempting us outside, raising hopes for a warm and pleasant summer to come.

Time to spring clean your garden

I don’t know about you, but I find that initial spring tidy up of the garden both refreshing and rewarding.

There is nothing better on a crisp spring day, or fine spring evening, than getting outside in the garden to make it look nice and get it ready for what we hope, will be a sunshine rich summer in the UK.

Routine garden maintenance

Sweeping those straggling leaves off the patio, giving the lawn its first cut of the season and tidying and weeding borders.

All essential tasks that, when completed, are pleasing to the eye.

I know, these jobs only scratch the surface of what need to be done, but, making a start in spring, when the days get longer, will get you ahead of the game, leaving you with more time to enjoy your outside space in the months to come.

BBQ Season has arrived

Whilst we are not in the full swing of summer quite yet, it’s certainly not too early to dust off your Barbecue. My neighbours have beaten me to it this year, with their first BBQ just the other evening.

So, get inspired, get active and get outside, and make your garden a pleasurable place to spend those lazy, hazy days of summer 2017!!

BBQ covers are available for purchase here. All sizes catered for and great prices and quality.

Plans for 2017

Garden Universal plan to write some articles over this year, which offer tips, tricks and advise for making the most of your garden. Keep in touch and visit us again soon.

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